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Webinar about InfoGrow 

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Kjaer, K. H. H., Körner, O., Huet, J.-M. M., Holst, N., Pedersen, J. S. S., & Aaslyng, J. M. (2020). An integrated simulation and decision support system for greenhouse climate control (InfoGrow 2.0) based on an open source greenhouse modelling platform. Acta Horticulturae, 1271(1271), 47–53.

Körner, O., Aaslyng, J. M., Andreassen, A. U., & Holst, N. (2007). Microclimate Prediction for Dynamic Greenhouse Climate Control. HortScience, 42(2), 272–279.

Virtual Greenhouse model:

Holst, N. Virtual greenhouse model. 2023. Aarhus University, Denmark, Download description of model used by Virtual Greenhouse and InfoGrow..

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