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Optimize production with InfoGrow 2.0 

Optimize production
Time production
Use less energy for heating
Use less energy for lighting
See errors in the production
Work more efficient
Sales know what happens in the production
Follow your use of resources
Certification demands
Remote advisory service

With InfoGrow 2.0™ you gain real-time performance indicators for plant photosynthesis and plant growth. With this information, you can adjust set-points for climate parameters to optimize plant production growth on a daily basis.

InfoGrow 2.0™ has a log system that can be customized to your needs. You can register and report for example application of biological or chemical pest control, product quality or development, or production parameters before transferring plants to another department.  Data logged in InfoGrow 2.0™ can be used to document and optimize your production.


InfoGrow 2.0™ uses data directly from the climate computer to model plant photosynthesis, climate, and energy. This makes InfoGrow 2.0™ unique as there is no need for costly installation of new sensors or fancy equipment.

The summary view displays data from all your climate zones and uses colors to indicate where you have to focus.

HOw InfoGrow can help you?

Via a central server and special security routines, InfoGrow 2.0™ logs real-time climate data from the nursery’s climate computers and transfers this to a database. InfoGrow 2.0™ then subjects the data to calculations in advanced photosynthesis and climate models, before displaying the results.


InfoGrow 2.0™ is safe to use and has specific user and password protected access.

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