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Greenhouse Industry 4.0

EUDP Project: Greenhouse Industry 4.0 helps to ensure that Danish greenhouse manufacturers and technology suppliers can take advantage of the opportunities offered by new digital solutions. It builds on several years of energy research with the aim of delivering a digital solution that ensures even greater Danish exports of both technology and plants as well as resource optimal production in the future.

The project started in October 2018 and ends in March 2023.

The project is financed by:
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Strategies to use less energy on climate control

The project ‘Sustainable Climate Control’ funded by the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and the Promilleafgiftfond aims to implement more energy-efficient climate control strategies in Danish Nurseries. The idea with the project is to visualize the energy savings by measuring the climate and energy use in situ with wireless sensors placed at two large nurseries producing potted plants and herbs. In this way, the results are made easy to understand and visual for other growers. The effect of the climate control strategies is simulated in Vituel Greenhouse, and made visual in InfoGrow 2.0 for growers that do not have sensors installed.


The results are published in applied journals and presented at meetings open for all growers. Furthermore, manuals describing how to set up the energy-efficient climate control strategies will be published by the end of the project.


Energy-efficient climate control strategies tested in the project:

  • Average temperature control. A more dynamic climate is allowed, while at the same time plant developmental rate is ensured. The control strategy saves up to 30% energy on a yearly basis.

  • Daily light integral control. Lamps are only turned on if the setpoint of daily light integral is not reached by sunlight. This strategy saves electricity and maintain a more even growth rate.

  • Saving energy by screening. Screening is increased all year round to make light levels more even and avoid light stress, energy is saved due to less loss of radiation heat.

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