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The log system

Log Everything You Need to Save

Us a smart Android app to store all data that describe your production.

This page describes the nature of the log system and how to set it up to your needs.

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Primary logs

InfoGrow log is a hierarchical system defined by you to your needs.

The top-level is called the Primary logs level. Here you define which type of data you want to log for later use. They show some logs, but you can log whatever you want to log.

Log - primary structure.png

Secondary logs

The next level defines entries that can be selected for each of the top levels.

You can add as many numbers or text entries as you would like to. You can also upload a picture that describes what you are logging.

Both numbers and text can be added either as a field to enter data into of as a list where you choose between different predefined values.

Log - Secondary structure.png.jpg

When the primary and secondary entries are defined data can be entered in a screen then this.

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