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Optimize Production


InfoGrow  2.0™ is a unique online tool that enables the grower to follow and optimize the production in relation to the use of resources 

  • It presents real-time information about plant growth, production time, and climate in relation to energy use  

  • It models parameters such as photosynthesis, light use efficiency, carbon gain, and energy use based on data from the climate computer and sensors.

  • Data are summarized for the entire greenhouse complex and in detail for individual departments

  • It shows deviations from relevant key point parameters.  

  • It offers a flexible and customized log system for event registration and reporting, e.g. application of biological or chemical pest control.

  • InfoGrow 2.0™ is an online tool. 

Virtual Greenhouse

Virtual Greenhouse™ is a simulation and climate analysis tool visualizing energy-efficient investments or identifying events in the climate control strategy that can be optimized:

  • Based on the same models as in InfoGrow 2.0™, the tool simulates plant growth, energy use, and other defined parameters.

  • Test the pros and cons of new investments in greenhouse construction and technology, such as artificial lighting, screens, covering, etc.  

  • Test the energy efficiency of changes in the climate control strategy.

  • Implement data directly from the climate computer or use standard climate data for more than 2000 locations around the world. 

Plan Production

GreenPlan Cloud

A cloud tool for planning and overlook of all different crops, indoor, outdoor in beds or fields. GreenPlan Cloud is a production management tool that brings great help to growing management. GreenPlan Cloud lets you build up a total virtual overlook of all crops planned for production. When a plan is worked out, you can produce instructions for many production issues as plant amounts on specific times, labor plan and overlook of utilization of machines. You can also work out an economic forecast and get an overview over your costs and profits, both on each batch or for the whole production.


  • Planning on day or week level.

  • Multiple cultivation recipes per variety.

  • Graphical plan over your space consumption.

  • Forecast earning at crop level.

  • Calculate the culture’s consumption of heat, electricity, CO2 and growth light.


Benefits for the user:

  • Easy to use.

  • Production plan and budget in the same process.

  • Quick overview of profit, costs or hours consumption.

  • Easy access to planning alternatives.

  • Quick presentations to colleages on screen or handouts.



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